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While organisations can make use of many new technologies to make the company smarter, at the same time the security risks grow. With the arrival of trends such as ‘bring your own device’ and ‘the new way of working’, employees must gain access to business applications and data at anytime, from anywhere and from every device. This means that there are also several ways for cyber criminals to infiltrate an organisation digitally. IBM offers intelligent security software to keep out even the most advanced threats.

Nowadays organisations have to deal with an enormous number of threats from both inside and outside. Access is requested to company information and applications from different locations and devices. It is, however, important for many companies that vulnerable business information, such as detailed customer information, does not fall into the wrong hands. Company information may not get into the public domain and various compliance requirements must often be satisfied. Companies must be one step ahead of cyber criminals and threats to ensure that they are not exposed to this. But how can organisations effectively secure their business applications, data, the different devices and users and act proactively, without the security management becoming incredibly complex?

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