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How to make next generation technologies a revenue generating reality

27 October 2017:

Victor Paradell, Vice President, IoT Solutions & Analytics, Tech Data EMEA  and Christian Curtis, Director – Next Generation Technologies & Strategies at Azlan UK discuss the benefits of building a solid ecosystem of sound technology companies when it comes to next generation solutions.

Azlan sees its role in the emerging market for next generation technology as a distributor and aggregator.  Its focus is on proactively supporting collaboration between vendors and business partners to unlock end-to-end opportunities involving data analytics, IoT and cognitive computing.  Azlan has already been proving its role as IoT aggregator by creating and optimising IoT solutions with partners, which it’s been able to do thanks to its 360-degree view of the market and position at the heart of the IoT ecosystem,

Azlan recognises that it is unlikely any single organisation will have the skills and portfolio necessary to create an IoT solution from edge (sensors) to enterprise (often legacy solutions) therefore it has developed a series of capabilities including:

  • Opportunity support with pre-sales technical and solution architects
  • IoT enablement programmes
  • Consultancy Resource Toolkit
  • Demonstration modules
  • IoT sales and technical training academy
  • A growing vendor ecosystem including: AWS, Cisco, Dell, Episensor, Hitachi Data Systems, Informatica, Intel, IBM, Keonn, Nexiona, Microsoft, Oracle, Relayr, Spica and World Sensing.

Market maker and solution provider

As a market maker Azlan initially led the way by priming customer opportunities directly and building a sales pipeline, and then introducing partners to deliver solutions.  The last 12 months have seen a number of projects brought to reality including solutions covering: plumbing and security; waste collection and disposal; and manufacturing and asset management.  However, the use of next generation technology which is probably the most close to home is that of a UK brewery.

The IoT solution inserts sensors into draught beer pumps in pubs across the country measuring flow and quality of the beer pulled, temperature and location.  The project is currently planning to move from proof of concept, to a phased approach for scaling up to an integrated nationwide solution or “Internet of Beer”!

This original “market maker” approach is paying off and many of the solutions under development are repeatable and will ultimately be available to the wider business partner channel for resale, providing healthy margins and regular annuity revenue.  IoT is important to Azlan as it has the potential to transform every industry, and our vendors are actively involved in developing products and solutions that will accelerate the adoption of this technology. 

Solution provider – the IBM connection

Azlan’s team of IoT and analytics experts is currently working with IBM in Munich on a new IoT Lab. This will accelerate solution development with IBM’s Watson IoT and Bluemix platforms including, proof of concept models, IoT starter kits and an extensive catalogue of DevOps, mobile and analytics services delivered via IBM’s and Azlan’s cloud platforms.  The aim is to align business partners with capabilities and services to address the entire range of IoT complexities, such as:

  • Sensor design and development
  • Infrastructure and gateway solutions
  • Connectivity options
  • Cloud IoT platforms
  • Global inventory management

Next generation technologies offer channel partners the opportunity to deliver new services and infrastructure by building on existing platforms to provide even more value.  The channel is in a unique position, having access to a constantly developing technology landscape and an ecosystem of sound technology companies that are already tapped into numerous vertical markets.  As customers become smarter and organisations recognise the importance of cross-vendor solutions, Azlan is perfectly positioned to make next generation technologies a revenue generating reality. 

To find out more, contact the Azlan next generation team or visit 

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