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Missing out on training revenue? 3 ways to add training to your service offering

15 September 2017:

Richard Whitson, Academy Business Development Manager at Azlan, UK, explains how partners can broaden their offering and reap financial benefits with Azlan’s training partner programme

Training is a fundamental enabler in achieving business goals; it increases the knowledge of an organisation’s employees and improves its ability to respond to changing business needs. In the context of technology solution purchases, training enables an organisation to realise the full value of its investment by ensuring users have the prerequisite technical skills and credentials to successfully implement and utilise the solution.

Channel partners can ensure their customers achieve successful project implementations by including training as an intrinsic part of a solution sale. Higher end user skill levels have been proven to provide a 10% increase in productivity and 22% faster rollout of IT projects.[i] 

By helping customers maximise the return on their IT investments, channel partners are enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening customer relationships, paving the path for repeat business. Furthermore, by not offering training options, partners are missing out on 90% of training revenues associated with product sales. 

Azlan has developed a training partner programme to enable channel partners to broaden their offering and generate an additional margin-rich revenue stream by providing IT training that is best suited to them and their customers.

Here are three ways to add training services to help grow your business:

  • 1. Rebate partner – the entry level programme enables channel partners to broaden their service offerings with minimal investment in time or cost. Channel partners can offer their customers training without defocusing on their core business by referring customers to the Azlan training website to book courses using a unique partner code.

Customers will enjoy a discount and channel partners will receive a rebate for all associated training sales. With margins of up to 35%, channel partners can earn revenue by selling training, without their sales teams needing to invest time learning about different courses. 

  • 2. Resell partner – the mid level programme is designed for channel partners that want to broaden their service offering by reselling Azlan training services under their own brand. Partners can leverage sales and add incremental value to opportunities by attaching training services and achieving high margins of up to 45%.  No certification is required and a full onboarding pack is provided, including email, quotation and website banners, plus a data feed to mirror Azlan’s schedule to allow partners to create a ready-made training programme on their own website.

With full assistance from the Azlan sales team, channel partners will be supported throughout the sales cycle, enabling them to forge closer customer relationships through an end-to-end service and solution offering.

  • 3. Delivery partner – is an elite programme designed for channel partners looking to broaden their existing training delivery capability or with ambitions to develop their own training practice. Azlan authorised delivery partners are approved to deliver official vendor training courses directly to customers using their own consultants and facilities, achieving high margins of up to 70%. Full support is provided to help partners prepare to become a delivery partner, including instructor courseware and attendance at train-the-trainer sessions.

Authorised delivery partner status maximises the utilisation and ROI of internal resources - including people and facilities. Additionally, it demonstrates depth of knowledge and differentiates channel partners from competitors.

Offering training as part of a solution sale can be a powerful way to deliver long term value by ensuring your customers have the skills needed to deliver project success. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, which ultimately leads to repeat business and customer referrals.

Azlan’s Academy has built a reputation for delivering IT training to delegates around the globe. Take the first step to developing your own training revenue stream by contacting a member of the Academy team today to learn more.

[i] IBM: The value of training

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