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5 Top Tips on preparing for the GDPR

19 June 2017:
Zubair Ismail

Zubair Ismail

Software Consultant
Azlan & Technology Solutions

Zubair Ismail, software consultant at Azlan & Technology Solutions discusses how the channel can help customers navigate the path through GDPR compliance and reap the benefits along the way

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to be mandated in May 2018, and many companies are starting to consider what it will mean for them. GDPR will override national data protection laws and include new and more detailed protection legislation for personal data. This will necessitate companies to review data policies and practices to ensure that they comply with how data is kept throughout the organisation.

GDPR is more than just data management

The new legislation will apply to any data controllers and processors operating within the EU or who deal with customers who are EU citizens and is unaffected by Brexit. It encompasses how data is managed, processed and deleted in order to concentrate on ensuring that it is lawfully and fairly protected by documented and verifiable security measures. It includes all data, including that held in CRM, marketing, sales and finance systems.

Organisations that fail to comply with the legislation face punitive fines of up to 4% of their annual global turnover or €20m, whichever is greater, not to mention the reputational damage as a result of being in breach of the new regulation and therefore perceived to be reckless with personal data.

A few key facts

  • IDC estimates that the game-changing GDPR creates a total market opportunity of $3.5 billion for security and storage software vendors
  • PWC research¹ (2016) established that 54% of the CxOs they spoke to said that GDPR is their highest priority item for data-privacy & security and 38% said that GDPR is one of their top priorities. Most organisations also plan to spend more than $1M on GDPR preparation (77% of respondents).
  • The European security market is set to increase in spending by 16 per cent to $11.5bn in 2018, according to Canalys², as SMBs will turn to the channel to comply with GDPR.

What does this mean for your customers?

GDPR encompasses many key areas where data is held and that your customer will need to address. Therefore it is important that they review their approach to privacy and data protection. In fact, it covers many different IT business disciplines;

  • Information management (data archiving and storage)
  • Data governance and quality management (process and policies)
  • Infrastructure management (protection of systems and networks)
  • Security and encryption services (managing security breaches).

They will possibly even need to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to act as a liaison with Regulators, monitor compliance, and record, report and investigate data breaches.  

What does this mean for the channel?

It is important for all channel partners to have the right skills and expertise in place to become a trusted advisor and to help customers in their plan towards GDPR compliance. Not being able to provide the right guidance and IT products and solutions could lead to huge missed revenue opportunities. For example, your customer might talk directly to a security vendor about encryption services or a storage vendor about secure data management to help them meet the regulation requirements.

As an advisor this is an ideal opportunity to review customers’ data, processes and systems, identifying the gaps and recommending possible technology solutions, so it is important to be up to speed on the issues and the technologies available.

Here are five tips to help you get ready for the GDPR challenge;

  1. Make sure you have an understanding of the right products and services (and vendors) to enable you to become a trusted advisor to customers on GDPR
  2. Talk to us as your distribution partner about the different vendors that we are working with and what solutions they offer to ensure GDPR compliance
  3. Educate your customers about GDPR, its importance and impact upon their business
  4. Meet with each of your customers to carry out an audit to help them identify what data they have, where it is and what action is required and agree with them an action plan (ignorance is no defence – they can still be held responsible and fined)
  5. Make sure your own house is in order.  How secure is data in your organisation?

Don’t delay – take action now

Now is the time to prepare for GDPR and services are an integral part of a total IT solution. As an aggregator of services and products we can provide you with the expertise, knowledge and access to an extensive network of vendors to enable you to prepare and up-skill to help address your customers’ GDPR business challenges.

We have strong business partnerships with HDS for storage, IBM for analytics and data discovery, Informatica for data analytics, Symantec for security and Veritas, who has launched a 360 Data Management for GDPR solution for customers.

We also work with RSA for security solutions, Commvault for enterprise data management and recovery and Cisco to cover every aspect of an organisation’s IT infrastructure.

We can help you become the single-source provider and trusted advisor that your customers need.

Sign up for our GDPR workshops

We will be running a series of vendor-led education workshops to help you prepare for the opportunities ahead. Look out for our first GDPR event on 5th July, to be held at The Bulgari Hotel, London.

You can register here:

Contact a member of our Security and Enterprise Networking sales team on + 44 (0) 1344 355 705 for more information and assistance.






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