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A new report and 3 ways Technology Solutions can help you maximise on converged infrastructure opportunities

12 June 2017:
Catherine Dillon - Account Director, Converged Infrastructure, North Region

Catherine Dillon

Account Director
Converged Infrastructure
North Region

Catherine Dillion, account director, Converged Infrastructure, North Region explains how Technology Solutions can assist partners to bridge technology and service gaps

Technology Solutions recently held a partner event entitled ‘A Platform for Next Generation Technology’ at the Shard in London for executives from the channel community. The aim of the event was to understand the business partners’ view of the converged market; the challenges they face in a changing industry; and how emerging technologies are influencing the traditional infrastructure sell. This feedback has been published in a new report and will help us provide a proactive response to our channel partners’ needs. 

At the event, participants were asked to respond to questions ranging from identifying the top five trends driving migration to converged, through to barriers to growth. The workshop was facilitated by an independent consultancy and consisted of lively debate, open opinions and honest insights.

Several themes and findings emerged as a result of the event; to read the full report please visit here.

The first three key findings centred on understanding, positioning and education as follows:


  1. A common, concise understanding of the term “converged infrastructure” is needed.

When participants were asked ‘What does converged mean?’ it became apparent that no standard definition exists. There are so many different terms and phrases used by the IT press, analysts and vendors it is not surprising that customers get confused. At the event we summarised converged to mean the bringing together of a secure, software-driven solution that delivers simplicity, flexibility and reduced cost of ownership, which in turn enables increased business agility and competitive advantage.

This summary was as a result of participants’ views that customers are seeking converged solutions to increase business agility and responsiveness in a competitive landscape. Whatever the drivers behind your customer’s migration to converged, Technology Solutions can support you in orchestrating the component parts of an end-to-end solution. We have the specialist knowledge and a diverse portfolio of vendor products required to architect solutions to meet specific customer requirements.  Think of us as an aggregator with dedicated converged integration services that can increase your time to value and enable your internal technical resources to work on more margin-rich projects. 


  1. 2.     When positioning converged it is important to quickly identify and communicate how the technical benefits translate into tangible business benefits specific to the end-user.

Organisations are under pressure to deliver more and innovative solutions faster, however, these demands are rarely accompanied by increased IT budgets. Converged systems offer ease of management, scalability and agility, while reducing cost and complexity.  These are desirable business benefits that any organisation would want and messages must be tailored to avoid over complication.  Business partners can avoid messages getting lost in translation by ensuring the right contributors attend meetings, assisted by members of our converged team as required.  

Technology Solutions works as an extension to a partner’s business to provide training, technical and marketing support. Partners can pick and choose the technology and services that work alongside their own value proposition and capitalise on our expertise and leadership in the area of converged.  In this way we can simplify messages and assist partners to bridge any technology and service gaps while they build their own converged infrastructure practices. 


Technology Solutions has a dedicated converged team ready to support partners with services including:

  • Pre-sales support
  • Bid management support
  • Sizing and design expertise
  • Integrations services including, design validation, testing and configuration
  • Installation services
  • Demonstration facilities
  1. 3.     Education is needed across the entire supply chain from vendor to customer and at all levels including marketing, sales and technical.

We are the only distributor in EMEA that has an extensive breadth of leading vendors in the converged space, and this enables us to host events and training seminars to help enable partners. Additionally, our dedicated converged team is able to deliver selling workshops which provide insight into converged infrastructure projects and opportunities across vertical markets. From initial sales meeting through to design validation and solution delivery, the converged team works alongside partners and can act as the central aggregation point across multiple vendors throughout the project delivery cycle.

Expanding market reach whilst minimising risk and costs

The converged infrastructure market is growing at a significant rate and partners who have invested in a converged practice are well placed to create long-term, high value customer relationships. Those in the early stage of developing a practice can still capitalise on the market opportunity by utilising Technology Solutions’ knowledge and services to bridge any gaps in their own expertise.  

No longer restricted by the size or scope of in-house facilities, partners can cost effectively address a wider range of projects, from small to large-scale international opportunities, by utilising our world-class EMEA Integration Centre. By leveraging the expansive Technology Solutions team of professionals, partners can gain valuable business flexibility and agility that can sharpen their competitive edge and respond to new and unexpected opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach.  We can help build a plan to grow a partner’s business at all stages of engagement.

To read all the findings in the Converged Workshop Report view here.

To find out more, contact your  Technology Solutions converged infrastructure expert or visit

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