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February 2018

BI & Analytics: 7 Factors influencing the business intelligence and analytics market
As organisations strive to make better use of their data, Andy Brown, Technical Service Director at Tech Data Advanced Solutions, explores the 7 factors influencing the modern business intelligence and analytics market
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Living on the edge: why edge computing is a positive trend for the channel
Edge computing is gradually becoming a prominent part of the Internet of Things architecture. Evan Unrue, Chief Technologist IoT & Analytics at Tech Data Advanced Solutions explains the concept and urges partners to jump on board or risk being left behind
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January 2018

Moving beyond fear mongering, 5 simple strategies for selling security
Huw Jones, Cisco Business Unit Director at Tech Data Advanced Solutions UK, looks at simple and effective strategies for selling security solutions
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Mind the gap: why the cloud skills shortage is positive news for the channel
The rapid adoption of cloud-based services has highlighted the cloud skills gap. As organisations struggle to find the right talent, Richard Whitson, Academy Business Development Manager at Tech Data UK explores how channel partners can maximise on the opportunity by filling in the gaps 
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IoT: 3 Ways channel partners can develop an Internet of Things practice
Craig Smith, Director IoT & Analytics Solutions and Services, Tech Data Europe, outlines three simple steps to an IoT practice
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If you are talking specifics about storage infrastructure – you’re having the wrong conversation
If you are talking specifics about storage infrastructure – you’re having the wrong conversation
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December 2017

5 key technology trends for the channel to prepare for in 2018
Many trends that rose to prominence this year will remain topical in 2018. Andy Brown, Technical Services Director at Azlan UK looks at the technology areas for the channel to watch in 2018
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The top 6 technology trends that have shaped 2017
As we approach the end of 2017, Andy Brown, Technical Services Director at Azlan UK looks back at the technology trends that have shaped the year
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IOT: How to get a head start with 7 workplace solutions
IOT: How to get a head start with 7 workplace solutions
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November 2017

The haze is clearing - things are looking bright for the channel and cloud
The channel and its relationships are key to the take up of cloud services, Christopher Wright, Cloud Business Development Manager, Azlan, UK, explores the role of the channel in extending the reach of cloud providers.
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Considering a cloud-based security services practice? Accelerate and de-risk the process by adopting an enhance and protect strategy
Danny Yeowell, Security and Networking Business Unit Manager, Azlan UK explains how Azlan can help channel partners make the switch from solo sales to annuity revenues
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October 2017

How to make next generation technologies a revenue generating reality
Victor Paradell, Vice President, IoT Solutions & Analytics, Tech Data EMEA  and Christian Curtis, Director – Next Generation Technologies & Strategies at Azlan UK discuss the benefits of building a solid ecosystem of sound technology companies when it comes to next generation solutions.
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September 2017

Missing out on training revenue? 3 ways to add training to your service offering
Richard Whitson, Academy Business Development Manager at Azlan, UK, explains how partners can broaden their offering and reap financial benefits with Azlan’s training partner programme
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August 2017

3 Steps to cloud heaven
As organisations plan their migration to the cloud, Paul Manaton, Cloud Marketplace Product Manager at Azlan looks at how the channel can support its customers through three stages of transition
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Hyper-converged has moved beyond the hype: 5 reasons for the channel to sit up and take notice of HCI
Andy Dean, Technology Manager at Azlan explains why now is the right time for channel partners to get on board with hyper-converged infrastructure  
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July 2017

Not ready to embrace cognitive computing? 3 commercial opportunities that will make you change your mind
Kenton Turner
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When it comes to innovation, Open Source is leading the way: 5 things everyone should know about OSS
Martin Percival
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June 2017

5 Top Tips on preparing for the GDPR
Zubair Ismail
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Healthy Water — How can IoT help to reduce the risk of Legionnaires disease?
Most healthcare professionals and facilities managers know all too well the risks of Legionella; a pathogenic bacterium found commonly in water supplies. The problem is that, under certain conditions, including temperature and incubation, bacteria can grow and replicate to dangerous levels of concentration. If Legionella bacteria is present in a sufficient concentration, something as simple as turning on a tap or a shower can cause the bacteria to be air bound in tiny water droplets. If inhaled, the bacteria can cause a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, known as Legionnaires disease.
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A new report and 3 ways Technology Solutions can help you maximise on converged infrastructure opportunities
Catherine Dillon
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May 2017

Server sprawl or virtual machine sprawl – a software defined data centre (SDDC) makes sense
Tom Ellis
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From CV to DC – 5 Reasons why digital credentials are the next generation
Richard Whitson, Academy Business Development Manager, Azlan + Technology Solutions, UK, explains why digital credentials or badges are the future when it comes to acknowledgement of skills and experience.
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April 2017

When it comes to cloud it is horses for courses: 5 ways to pick a winner
Christian Curtis
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The difference between backing up and archiving data – and why it matters to your customers
Mark Harden
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Sitting on the sidelines when it comes to IoT? 3 ways to get in the game
Craig Smith
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