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The Resource

The Resource is a purpose-built solution centre designed to provide Azlan business partners with the ideal location to demonstrate value to their customers. It includes the facilities required to help shorten sales cycles and reduce the total cost of sale for multi-supplier solutions while proving return on investment (ROI).

 The Resource is in The Capitol Building, Bracknell, Berkshire, where dedicated Azlan solution architects, engineers and certified trainers are available to help business partners:

  • Demonstrate business solutions, bespoke to individual end-user customers
  • Provide proof of concept testing
  • Carry out performance benchmarking
  • Prove ROI and true business benefits
  • Demonstrate converged infrastructure solutions
  • Introduce software defined datacentres/storage/networking concepts
  • Implement application migration/porting/versioning
  • Deliver solutions enablement and training
  • Investigate competitive analysis
  • Hold meetings from two to 200 people.

Organisations are looking for trusted advisors that can understand business challenges and how to create complete solutions to meet their business objectives while saving money. Working with Azlant’s technical resources, business partners can concentrate on leading business conversations safe in the knowledge that technical demonstrations and proof of concept feasibility will be taken care of, all under one roof. Taking advantage of the facilities within The Resource, business partners can conveniently and cost effectively transform technology into business solutions for their customers.

The Resource is central to simplifying the complex and bringing technology to life. 

How to book The Resource

It is easy to make a reservation* and book the relevant rooms and resources, simply speak to your Azlan account manager or presales manager.

*Reservations will be validated and qualified prior to confirmation.

Download The Resource brochure to find out more about what Azlan’s demonstration capabilities, training facilities and how The Resource brings next generation technologies to life.

How to Book The Resource

Simply speak to your Azlan account manager or presales manager.

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