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Tech Data IoT demo on IBM Think SEE conference in Bled, Slovenia

Join us at 6th November and see how you can manage predictive maintenance at your production site even remotely, with the help of IoT. We demonstrate on a live demo how IBM Watson Analytics could be used for IoT purposes in manufacturing.

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We’ve entered a new era for manufacturing, dubbed Industry 4.0, and characterized by widespread digitalisation. A key component of this transformation is the IIOT (Industry Internet of Things) which has the potential to transform the whole manufacturing value chain. For Industrial manufacturing this represents an opportunity to, improve safety, product quality, increase plant & warehouse efficiency & transform logistics. Today only 8% of organisations are using more than 25% of their IOT data.

One key area of IIOT in Industrial Manufacturing is definitely the predictive maintenance.


Developments in connected technology & AI makes it possible to proactively monitor service equipment based on actual wear and tear. To do this manufacturers need to monitor operational conditions, store & analyse historical data & perform analytics. More efficient maintenance translates into big savings through a combination of longer equipment life & reduction in asset downtime.

Those leveraging IOT data for monitoring of critical assets are able to predict equipment failure, improve performance & reliability of assets, lower maintenance costs & reduce downtime which can lead to product delays & safety hazards.

With global demand for manufactured products near static & political uncertainty undermining the free flow of goods manufacturers need an increased emphasis on productivity. A remarkable opportunity exists in IIOT to drive these productivity improvements. To do this Industrial manufacturers need to manage data coming from an avalanche of sensors, assets, machinery & systems & deploy that those insights in an intuitive, consumable fashion for knowledge workers to take action on it. 

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