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Tech Data Advanced Solutions delivers scalable and long-term IT solutions for an easy transition to mobile platforms

Advanced Solutions helps its partners to deliver scalable and enduring technology solutions for an easy transition to mobile platforms.

  • We work with our leading suppliers, partners and analysts to ensure that we are investing in the correct and relevant technology, enablement programs and service offerings that enhance the growth of our partners in the mobility market.

Tech Data Advanced Solutions understands and guides partners on how to integrate mobile solutions into an existing IT architecture for optimum management, both now and down the road.

  • We have developed a wide set of mobility-related resources, including sales, pre-sales, solutions offerings and advisory services, to help our partners be successful.
  • We support partners with a broad range of mobility solutions, including mobile application development platforms, enterprise mobility management, mobile enterprise security, and mobility implementation services.

With Advanced Solutions, our partners get the added ingredients that make mobile solutions successful.

  • Our offerings expand beyond hardware and software to include services critical to mobility implementations, such as mobile content strategy, engagement strategy, cross-channel digital strategy, creative design and analytics and user experience design.
  • Our architects, designers and user-interface experts engage with our partners to create experiences that blur the lines between offline and online channels.

Market Insights

  • Mobility is no longer an optional value-added feature, it has become a necessity to reach new and existing customers.
  • The mobile enterprise software market worldwide accounted for more than $8.7 billion in spending in 2015, and it expected to reach more than $13.5 billion by 2018.*)

The worldwide mobile enterprise software market is estimated to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% over the next three years.*)

Source: BIO estimates based upon Gartner and IDC industry data.​​​

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