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Internet of Things

Build and manage solutions required to navigate the Internet of Things

We accelerate the success of our partners and their customers through a comprehensive ecosystem of services, software, hardware and solutions.​

Tech Data Advanced Solutions makes it possible to unlock the potential of IoT.

We are perfectly positioned to create and optimise IoT solutions thanks to our 360-degree view of the market from the heart of the technology supply chain.

We help you design, develop and deploy innovative Internet of Things (IoT) applications to enhance customer experience and create a competitive advantage.

Our proven expertise in the critical technologies needed to create complete IoT solutions, include application development and deployment, cloud, components, data analytics, mobility, security and networking, smart objects and systems infrastructure.

Advanced Solutions’ involvement in IoT started years ago – long before it had a clever name.

Our IoT experience spans the deployment of more than 20 billion connected devices, sharing more than 44 zettabytes of data. 90+% of these deployments connect to the cloud.

We combine our expertise and relationships with technology manufacturers, to help customers develop leading IoT products and strategies.

Partners turn to Advanced Solutions as a trusted source in IoT because of our solutions-based approach, services capabilities, supply chain expertise, technical knowledge, long-term relationships with leading technology manufacturers and global scale.

Our specialised knowledge of vertical markets helps create tailored IoT solutions that solve business challenges.

We give our partners the edge they need in IoT by creating and implementing unique solutions; simplifying the choices to get the solution right the first time; accelerating their development  process and time to market and positioning them to realise the benefits and return on investment faster.

We train the technology industry on skills needed for IoT success through our Academy.

​Market Insights

IoT is rapidly evolving and re-shaping industries. Businesses need help in understanding how to take advantage of IoT and implement it into their business models.

Worldwide IoT spending reached more than $643.8 billion in 2015, and it is expected to account for approximately $998 billion in 2018. [1]

The worldwide IoT market has a three-year compound annual growth rate of 16%.*)


*) Source: BIO estimates based upon Gartner and IDC industry data. Excludes modules and sensors.​

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) 

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2018 - Tech Data: Global Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Winner 2018
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