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BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.x: Administering

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On demand - BMC Training Center, Egham, Surrey. (approx 20 mins from Heathrow) (English)



BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.x, a part of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite, is a fully functional stand-alone software product delivering enterprise level IT asset management throughout an asset's lifecycle. In this course, students learn how to configure and use the BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.x application, built on the BMC Atrium CMDB.

Important Note: When you purchase this training course, you are automatically enrolled in the following web-based training (WBT) course: BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.x: Using (WBT)


» Create and configure Foundation Base Data Structures using the Application Administration Console. » Create and configure the Application Administrator and Asset Management users, applying correct permissions. » Configure assignment rules for Asset Management. » Configure purchase reorder levels. Configure CI depreciation criteria. » Configure CI notifications for Asset Management. » Configure CI unavailability status and priority. » Configure software license management rules. » Synchronize the Asset Management forms with the BMC Atrium CMDB. » Configure the approval process for CI configurations. » Configure the Reconciliation Engine. » Use the DSL Console for Asset Management support. It is strongly recommended that you complete the WBT course that is applicable to you prior to attending the instructor-led portion of this course. If time permits, we suggest you complete both WBTs to increase your knowledge of the applications. ITIL is a Registered Trade Mark, and a Registered Community Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce, and is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and is used here by BMC Software, Inc. under licence from and with the permission of OGC.

Intended Audience:

New Users - This course is an introductory course designed to teach basic concepts and familiarize the student with the functionality of the product.


Recommended: » BMC Remedy AR System 7.x: Administering - Part 2 » ITIL Foundation Certification » BMC Remedy Atrium CMDB 2.0: Implementation Best Practices » Crystal Reports: Integrating Reports with the AR System (WBT) Required Courses: BMC Remedy AR System 7.x: Administering – Part 1 (WBT) BMC Remedy Asset Management 7.x: Using (WBT) BMC Remedy IT Service Management 7.x: Application Administering Essentials (WBT)

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